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Company Profile

Beijing Lidakang Technology Co., Ltd.


Established in 1998, Beijing LDK Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company of joint stock system specially engaged in research, development, production and distribution of surgical implantation materials——joint prosthesis. This Company had been initiated by Yingchen Xu, an expert of old generation and senior engineer, who researched and developed joint prosthesis in the former Iron and Steel Research Institute. In the initial stage of establishment, Xu joined with Shibi Lu, academician of the PLA General Hospital, and Jifang Wang, tutor of doctorial students, developed domestic joint prosthesis state-of-the-art, received multiple country-level prize of scientific & technical progress, and laid a solid foundation for LDK to grow into a national brand emphasizing quality, research and technology.

After twenty years of accumulation, deposition and frequent progress, LDK has developed into a modernized hi-tech producer. And now,LDK company has R&D department, manufacturing department, quality control department, sales & marketing department, administration department, finance department and biological material research institute. The Company processes Class III product production license of medical equipment, certificate for exportation of medical products, multiple product registration certificates including hip-joint、knee joint and tumor joint, and has passed certification of ISO 9001:2015 and CE for hip and knee joint products.

Since Ning Xu took over as the chairman of the company and started the comprehensive management company, he has inherited and continued the concept of Lidakang's devotion to high technology and Kanghua's benefiting people. Lidakang's scale has been expanding and its strength has been increasing day by day.

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In 2015, Chairman Xuning established Lidakang College with the initiative of many top experts in orthopaedics. The establishment of Lidakang College aims to tailor-made comprehensive, standardized and systematic education and training contents for medical workers, practitioners and patients in orthopaedic field, to build a broad and convenient communication platform, to strengthen cooperation with clinical experts, to realize complementary resources advantages, to serve orthopaedic clinicians as the belief, and to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the joint field. Contribute to achieve win-win situation and contribute to the development of orthopaedics in China.


In 2018, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company's establishment, with the active promotion of Chairman Xuning and the strong support of local government leadership, the production plant of Lidakang production and research base in Zhaoquanying area of Shunyi District was put into operation.
The new production base, the first phase factory building area of more than 8,000 square meters, to achieve an annual capacity of 100,000 sets of joint products, from the basis of ensuring and supporting the production of surgical instruments, from the basis of ensuring the company's future development requirements for production.

The factory has production workshop, purification and packaging workshop, laboratory, laboratory and fluorescence flaw detection room; there are professors who have studied microporous materials for decades, and old experts who have nano-materials. At the same time, in recent years, they have absorbed and trained a group of young and promising managerial personnel and clinical service team. They are the company's most valuable wealth and backbone strength.

Over the years, with its own technical strength, the company has cooperated with famous orthopaedic experts and professors in many hospitals in China, and developed a variety of ambassadors suitable for the Chinese people with advanced design concepts.


We have accumulated abundant technical experience in joint products, especially in the research and development and manufacture of cancer products. At present, Lidakang has 14 national product patents, 4 registered copyright of instruments, and many international patents are being applied for.