News - LDK”Dual-mobility hip”,”Tantalum hip”"Uni- knee”Debut in Henan

LDK”Dual-mobility hip”,”Tantalum hip””Uni- knee”Debut in Henan

On May 5, 2023, the 26th Academic Meeting of the Orthopedic Branch of Henan Medical Association was successfully held in Zhengzhou City, where orthopedic surgeons and experts and scholars from all over the province gathered to discuss the latest advances and technologies in the field of orthopedics.

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The conference registered more than 1000 members and received more than 1600 submissions, breaking the historical record. The conference included several activities aimed at promoting the development of orthopedics and improving academic standards. There are more than 10,000 orthopedic surgeons in Henan Province, with the sacred mission of skeletal health of 1/10 of the country’s population.

With the theme of “Intelligence and Innovation”, the congress was led by academician Zhang Yingze and Wang Kunzheng, who have outstanding influence in China’s orthopedic industry, and brought together more than 30 domestic orthopedic elite teams to give lectures. There were a spine forum, a joint forum, a trauma forum, a bone disease and bone tumor forum, a minimally invasive orthopedic forum, and a new orthopedic technology and accelerated rehabilitation forum to exchange and discuss the frontier issues in the field of orthopedics, focusing on the latest research results and clinical progress achieved in the field of orthopedics at home and abroad in recent years, and to discuss and fully exchange new technologies, new concepts and hot and difficult issues in the field of orthopedics at home and abroad.

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LDK satellite meeting provides multi-faceted solutions for clinical

In the joint session, more than 400 orthopedic surgeons from home and abroad gathered together to discuss and share the latest advances, innovative technologies and clinical hot issues in the field of joints. LDK successfully held the first satellite session with the theme of “Focus on Patient Satisfaction – Clinical Experience of Dual Mobility Total Hip and Unicondylar knee”.

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The satellite meeting invited President Sun Yongqiang of Luoyang Orthopedic Hospital (Zhengzhou Campus) of Henan Province as the chairman and Professor Sha Yu of the Third People’s Hospital of Henan Province as the speaker to present “The Next Windfall of Artificial Hip Replacement – Bionic Double Action Joint and “Non-Essential Contraindications of Unicondylar Replacement” to show the full range of LDK joint replacement solutions to the audience.

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Professor Sun Yongqiang proudly introduced the LDK Ethereal Dual Mobility Total Hip System, saying that it is specially designed to solve the disease of patients with muscular dyskinesia and has the feature of “zero” risk of dislocation.

The Ethereal Dual Mobility Total Hip System has two movable interfaces that mimic the physiological function of the original human hip joint to achieve bionic motion. The safe range of motion of the double head can be restored to the physiological level of activity, with greater mobility. The acetabular lining and the ball head can form a large diameter femoral head, effectively enhancing the stability of joint activities and lowering the risk of dislocation. The inner surface of the outer cup is highly polished and the outer surface of the acetabular liner is mirror smooth, with a face-to-face movable joint surface between the two, resulting in a significantly lower wear rate. Screws can be implanted in the medullary cup to avoid pre-fixation loosening and provide good initial stability.

In addition, a variety of matching combinations of acetabular cups, metal liners, acetabular liners, and femoral heads are available to provide personalized replacement needs according to clinical conditions, offering flexible options for hip replacement and providing a more comprehensive and comfortable solution for hip patients. 

Unicondylar replacement non-essential contraindication XU fixation platform unicondylar knee-preserving replacement technique

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Prof. Sha Yu focused on the surgical technique of unicondylar replacement from the perspective of the surgical technique of LDK XU unicondylar, and brought a “feast” of unicondylar replacement from the technical points of repairing old as old to soft tissue balance.

LDK XU unicondylar is a unicondylar prosthesis developed based on the advantages of fixed platform, the design concept is more in line with the skeletal anatomy. It can avoid the occurrence of dislocation and lateral OA caused by overcorrection, low prosthetic restriction improves the patient’s postoperative function while avoiding prosthesis loosening due to extra stress, reliable platform prosthesis fixation mechanism of the tibial buttress ensures the bonding strength of the prosthesis and bone interface, better accommodation makes the patella more comfortable, and firm spacer locking method effectively reduces the occurrence of wear and tear.

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This conference is a rare academic event for experts in the field of orthopedics, and an important platform to promote medical exchanges and academic cooperation. Mr. Bone, who specializes in the brand operation of orthopedic medicine, recorded the five venues, including the main conference, trauma, spine and joint. It is believed that through this conference, experts in the field of orthopedics will be able to gain more insights and gains and make greater contributions to the development and progress of orthopedics.


Ethereal Dual Mobility Total Hip System

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