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R-CUP Porous Acetabular Cup and liner (JX2801D) (JX3801)

R-CUP Porous Acetabular Cup and liner (JX2801D) (JX3801)

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A cup is designed with multiple liners to provide multiple friction interface choices: metal-on-polyethylene, metal-on-VE and metal-on-ceramic interfaces can be achieved, fully meeting the dimensional requirements of ceramic liner components, and matching heads with various diameters.


The liner is press-fitted to the taper of acetabular cup. PE liner and VE liner have the taper annular groove locking mechanism, which facilitates advance and prevents retreat, and the anti-rotational structure of the petal edge provides triple locking, which produces a good fixation effect.


The full-dome mono-hemispheric design reduces wear of polyethylene liner.


The reverse triangular screws are positioned 360-degree uniformly, and the nailing position is reasonable and reliable, providing a broader bone coverage.


The standard coarse titanium coating has a better bone ingrowth effect.

Product Specification


Main Technical Parameters of R-CUP Porous Acetabular Cup and liner(JX2801D) (JX3801)
Unit (mm)

Porous Acetabular Cup JX 2801D Porous Acetabular Liner JX 3801
Specification Product Code Number
of holes
Specification Product Code Inner Sphere
48# A4555-48


48/28 A4555-4828 28
50# A4555-50 50/28 A4555-5028 28
52# A4555-52 52/32 A4555-5232 32
54# A4555-54


54/32 A4555-5432 32
56# A4555-56


56/32 A4555-5632 32
58# A4555-58 58/32 A4555-5832 32
60# A4555-60 60/32 A4555-6032 32
62# A4555-62 62/32 A4555-6232 32
64# A4555-64 62/32 A4555-6232 32
66# A4555-66 62/32 A4555-6232 32
68# A4555-68 62/32 A4555-6232 32
70# A4555-70 62/32 A4555-6232 32
72# A4555-72 62/32 A4555-6232 32
74# A4555-74 62/32 A4555-6232 32

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