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Acetabular Cup and Acetabular liner (JX 2102 D) (JX 3102)

Acetabular Cup and Acetabular liner (JX 2102 D) (JX 3102)

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Vacuum plasma TI is sprayed onto the microporous surface to provide an optimal interface for bone ingrowth.


The low-end 4 equally divided groove design of metal cup is convenient for intra-articular adjustment of the liner angle.


The convex design of the outer edge of acetabular cup facilitates the force fit between the prosthesis and the acetabular fossa. The longitudinal rack design is to increase the anti-rotational stability of the prosthesis.


The inlaid liner structure and the cutting treatment of inner edge expand the range of motion of the joint and reduce the wear debris due to impingement.


Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene acetabular liner is made of the material imported from Germany.

Product Specification


Main Technical Parameters of Acetabular Cup (JX 2102 D) & Acetabular Liner (JX 3102)                            Unit (mm)

Product Model

Specification AcetabularDiameter Inner Sphere Diameter of Acetabulum
JX2102 D JX3102
C2044B C3044BF 44# Φ44 Φ28
C2046B C3046BF 46# Φ46 Φ28
C2048B C3048BF 48# Φ48 Φ28
C2050B C3050BF 50# Φ50 Φ28
C2052B C3052BF 52# Φ52 Φ28
C2054B C3054BF 54# Φ54 Φ28
C2056B C3056BF 56# Φ56 Φ28
C2058B C3058BF 58# Φ58 Φ28
C2060B C3060BF 60# Φ60 Φ28

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